Week 2, 3 & 4: Out of this World

When I was a kid, I remember watching this show called Out of this World. In the show this girl had the ability to freeze time by joining two of her fingers...and that's pretty much the gist of what I remember haha. All my life, I've always thought back to that show and said to myself, man wouldn't that just be awesome! Time is something I think we all wish we had more of, specially the older we get, because life is just busier when you are an adult.

I never use to eat this many veggies.

In the last 3 weeks there have been plenty of times where I have wished that I could freeze time. There have just been so many things going on that I haven't been able to to write my training cycle recaps for the week. I've often heard the phrase that if it's important to you, you'll make it a priority. This can apply to anything...work, relationships...fitness. Well in the past 3 weeks in my free time, it's been either write my blog recaps or do my workouts/meal prep. Ultimately, I have chosen to go with the latter. So while I may have not posted as much on social media, my training and diet have been going well.

In order to avoid a long entry, I'll quickly summarize the last 3 weeks:

I'm tired

Week 2 - 6/8-6/14

I was on-call for work (after working my regular shift) during week 2, which means I could get called at random hours of the night to assist with tech support. Suffice it to say, I did get many calls during the week and it cut into my sleep time. Still the diet was solid and workouts were good, just not that many am workouts due to sleep taking priority.

If anything the lack of sleep prepared me for the following week, Ragnar Wasatch Back!

Week 3 - 6/15-6/21

Just like week 1, I had a great two weeks for week 2 & 3, just less sleep. The times when I didn't have time to both workout and prep my meals, I went with my meal prep. My reasoning behind it was because meal prep would have a bigger impact since I would then have food for that night as well as the next day. This gets rid of those excuses where because it's not convenient to eat right, you may go get something bad for you.

During this week I did Ragnar Wasatch Back in Utah which was a load of fun. Sad news: I lost my bodymedia link during Ragnar. I took it off to put on some sunblock and left it on the hood of our van. Didn't realize this until many miles later. So I wasn't able to track my burn for several days but no matter. I've seen what works and kept on with it. My girlfriend is letting my use hers in the meantime since she is using a Fitbit.

Week 4 - 6/22-6/28

I felt very tired and only ran twice this week.

This week is where the lack of sleep from the  previous two weeks caught up with me. My body just felt exhausted and I was okay with taking some time to rest. Stayed focused on the diet and had some good numbers to close out week 4.

Start of Week 5- Doesn't look like much of a change but I can feel the difference and so can my belt buckle.

Start of Week 5- Doesn't look like much of a change but I can feel the difference and so can my belt buckle.

In summary, over the past 3 weeks, I've lost 1 inch off my waist and 4 lbs; I have noticed that my jeans and shorts are starting to get a little loose.

Also based off of my Bodymedia armband, I have noticed that my calorie burn on rest days is a little bit higher than when I first started out. I believe this is because I've gained some muscle and as the adage goes, muscle burns more calories since it needs more energy to maintain itself.

All in all, I'm happy with the way things are going. Sure, I may not have the ability to freeze time in order to give myself more hours in the day but I'm still getting it done one week at a time and I'm seeing measurable progress.