9:52 AM - It's my birthday & I'll run if I want

I looked at my birth certificate last night and noted the exact time I was born: 9:52 am.  Funny how I never knew that until now (Do you know the exact time you were born?) Today is my 31st birthday, yet I don't feel 31; I feel much younger (According to Sharecare, I'm 25, and we all know everything on the internet is true lmao).  I have running and lifting to thank for that, hashtag that fit lifestyle haha.


Last year, I did quite a bit of celebrating for the big 3-0; I still get teased by several people about how much I celebrated. "Ok, mister I celebrated my birthday for a whole month." Or "Johnny, you celebrated your birthday more than some people do in a lifetime!" Technically, it was 11 days, and boy did my liver get a workout, never again...maybe. Everyone keeps asking me if I will be doing that again this year. Not this year, boys and girls. This doesn't mean I won't be celebrating my birthday this year, this just means only for 7 days this time lol.  In all seriousness though, I have a marathon PR to shatter in November; therefore, I am not allowing myself to miss a single workout especially due to a hangover; that is how bad I want it!  The training plan calls for a rest day today, so a rest day it is.  The plan must have known it was my birthday.


I accomplished quite a bit this past year both on and off the running track, and I look forward to another year of accomplishments and defeats. No matter what comes my way, I am fortunate enough to have people around me that understand and support me in my endeavors no matter how "crazy" they may be. Know that I appreciate your support, your words of advice and I want to thank all of you for the many Happy Birthday wishes I received today. Now bring on the tequila! Haha. Kidding...maybe. You can't refuse a birthday shot; it's just plain rude ;)