I never thought it would end like this


Exactly a month ago I went to lunch and ordered Diet Coke with my meal.   Apparently, the restaurant was no longer using a soda fountain machine, so they gave me two Diet Coke cans instead. I thought to myself, score! I'll drink one and save the other for work. When I got back to work from lunch, I put the can in my cube and left it there for the next time I had a soda craving.

When I used to be overweight, I remember drinking regular soda all the time. Once I started losing weight and working out, I switched to diet soda (not that that's any better). I used to have diet soda almost everyday then slowly over the years, I've switched it to every other day. Since I started this new training plan on June 30 (the running part began on July 24), I've probably drank diet soda about 7 times. I just haven't really had a craving for it.

Yesterday, I came across this can, and I thought to myself, I'm not even craving it. Actually, just the thought of drinking it makes my body cringe a little bit. During this training plan, I feel better without it. I don't feel bloated or "full of carbonation." I don't get those withdrawal headaches when I stop drinking it regularly and don't have my "soda fix." One could say it's the caffeine giving me those, but that never seems to happen to me with coffee. Also, the carbonation probably shouldn't cause a "burning" or "stinging" feeling in your throat, when you drink it, haha.

I'm not here to preach whether you should or shouldn't drink soda; you can read about that all day long; however, all I know is that when I don't have it, my body has felt like it's "running" more optimally (pun intended). 


I like Coke as much as the next person, but unbeknownst to me, with my training plan, I've been gradually lowering my intake. I grabbed the unopened Diet Coke can, took a long hard look at it and tossed it in my trash can; I will no longer be drinking soda. I keep thinking, man, when I got that can of Diet Coke, I never thought it would end like this...but then again, just like with other "relationships in life," we never do.