Johnny's Ego vs. Random Humans

I've just completed day 6 of the Hansons Marathon Method, and I can tell you that I'm enjoying running again. I'm enjoying this new plan and the challenges that it brings. Today, I included a leg workout with my "easy" 2-mile run. My "easy" runs have gone very well up to this point. I say "easy" because they are definitely a lot harder than you think; mentally, they are harder. The struggle has mainly been keeping my ego in check since the easy runs on this plan have to be run 1-2 minutes slower than marathon "goal" pace.

In the past, whenever I ran this type of mileage, I'd usually run at a faster pace; however, my pace then was not consistent. It varied a great deal with each mile.  These easy runs feel somewhat like a jog. When I've been at the running track, people pass me, and I think to myself, I could easily run faster than you and part of me wants to at that moment - show them who's boss. Another option would be to go up to them and say, "Hey I'm purposely running slow and that is why you are beating me!" Can you imagine that? What a dick! Lol. That's what goes through my head...damn ego. I've never really experienced this type of feeling before since I usually go as fast as I want and give into my competitive side, so it's been a challenge to hold a slower pace on purpose. I've had to really focus on keeping my ego in check and reminding myself that this is about more than just running faster than some random humans at the track. This is about something bigger, something better.

The only person I should be focused on is myself. There is a reason why these runs are at this pace, and your ego can sometimes blind you from seeing the big picture. People will probably continue to pass me on these "easy" runs, and as much as my ego will beg me to go faster, it's not gonna happen. It's mentally harder, but I will continue to abide by the plan's rules, because I'm completely focused on the task at hand. As the saying goes, "EGO. Take off the E, and let it GO."