A goal without a plan is just a wish

I didn't do much exercise last week. I mean I did go to the gym that first day which I talked about in my last blog entry, however, that was about it. This time of year makes it a little harder especially when I had two Christmas Parties to attend this past weekend. Not making excuses because I choose to continue being a bum.

If anything, I did pick a good time to be "off" the bandwagon since I'm in between marathon training right now. It wasn't a totally surprise though that I didn't do much in terms of exercise last week. I hadn't picked out a lifting plan or have a specific marathon on the calendar yet and I'm someone who needs a specific goal and structured plan for that goal.  Without that, it's hard for me to be successful.

Having a goal in mind but not planning for it, is like trying to find a destination without any directions; you probably aren't going to ever reach your destination.


Well knowing myself very well, I have written my plan down. For lifting, I will follow Kris Gethin's 12-week Muscle-Building Trainer from Bodybuilding.com. I had good success with his 12-week Daily Trainer he released a couple years ago and this new one looks like a 2.0 version of that one. For running, I will do Hanson's Marathon Method since it worked well earlier this year. Both plans will overlap a little which will I'm excited!

Home page screenshot. Go to link for more details.

Home page screenshot. Go to link for more details.

Also as far as next year's marathons, I have chosen to go with the Flying Pig Marathon in May and the Greensboro Marathon in October. Needless to say my marathon training starts NOW!